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Different UI/UX tools can live together - Figma & JustInMind

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Initially I tried to work with Figma, and found myself thinking why should I (re)draw screens, every time I make a change. So I started to look for another tool which will allow me more flexibility. After looking into various options, I discovered that actually JustInMind answers my expectations, here is why:

Figma is de facto standard, and watchin my ui/ux designer working on our app with manually changing X number of screens after every change, makes me wonder why the change should be laborius. On the other hand, JustInMind offers dynamic panels, templates, extended events management, dynamic tables etc. which are really close to my development mind.

Today, it's really interesting situation: if I want to demo my vision to my UI/UX designer, I use JustInMind and after that it's transfered to Figma. So it's compromiss :)

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